Glutamine transaminase

Glutamine transaminase



作用:It acts on various substrate proteins, such as casein, soy protein, glutenin, myosin and so on. Through cross-linking reaction, it improves the gel properties and emulsifying properties of proteins. It can be used for bonding beef, pork, chicken and other meat products to improve their taste, flavor, structure and nutrition, and increase the added value of products.

简单介绍:Transglutaminase, also known as transglutaminase (TG), is a kind of transferase that catalyzes acyl transfer reaction. It can catalyze the cross-linking between protein molecules and bond protein molecules.


TG is a kind of food additive which is developed by modern bioengineering technology for the production of new protein food. The main functional factor of TG is glutamine transaminase (EC, TG). The main difference of different products is that the types and quantity of proteins as excipients are different.

TG products are mainly composed of:

TG, main component

TG 0.5% 1%

Protein 99.5% 99%