Strain improvement

日期:2020-11-04 阅读量:4209

GBC has a team of highly qualified scientists, technicians and engineers from enzymology, pharmacology, chemistry, synthetic biology, etc. We provide professional services of contract research and development (CRDO) in strain or enzyme, product, process development and improvement using our own or domestic & foreign partners' technology platforms or laboratories in strain development, fermentation, extraction, chemo-enzymatic synthesis and analysis and advanced technology tools.

During the contact with a large enterprise in Jiangsu Province, GBC learned that the enterprise needed to commission certain projects for research and development. After negotiation, GBC provided strain improvement service for Pneumocandin to improve the production efficiency of the company.

GBC conducted literature review, systematic comparison and technical demonstration on the strains and technologies provided by the company, and assigned a special technical team to use synthetic biology, physical and chemical methods to carry out directed mutagenesis, modification and reconstruction of the original strains, combined with high-throughput screening(HTS), to improve the strain level from less than 1.0g/L to more than 2.0g/L within 12 months, with an improvement effect of more than 100%.