Technology transfer

日期:2020-11-04 阅读量:4643

As a well-known technology transfer organization in China, GBC has many cases and experiences of technology transfer work at home and abroad, relying on the resources of famous universities and research institutes at home and abroad and extensive communication and cooperation channels.

The company deeply researched the actual market demand and found that a listed company in Zhejiang Province wished to seek an up-to-date production technology of daptomycin. Relying on the global technology channel established by the company for many years, the company organized professional personnel to conduct technology comparison and demonstration, and finally decided to introduce a European company's microbial fermentation method for the production of daptomycin (2.5g/L), sent experienced engineers to reside in the enterprise, and helped the enterprise to complete the technology verification and handover, the product quality reached international standards and technical indicators met the agreement of both parties, which brought considerable economic benefits to the enterprise.